The Strongest Character in Lol: K’Sante Gets a Lot of Nerfs.

The Strongest Character in Lol: K’Sante Gets a Lot of Nerfs.

Patch 14.4, K’Sante, the strongest character in LoL (League of Legends), will be going through some big changes. These updates aren’t just small changes; they take away big parts of his powers, leaving players to wonder how this will affect their game.

The Strongest Character in Lol: K’Sante’s History of Being Overpowered:

Since K’Sante joined League of Legends, he has caused a lot of trouble for the people who make the game. K’Sante has been a big problem in high-level ranking games and professional play, even though he has a slightly lower win rate in lower-level games. K’Sante can do a lot of different things well. He is a tank and can dash, direct crowds, shield, and deal burst damage.

The Strongest Character in Lol: The Never-Ending Battle to Find Balance:

It’s been a wild ride for K’Sante as she’s learned to balance. Riot Games has tried many buffs and nerfs to find the best spot for him, but the problem still stands. His win rate has been all over the place, especially in lower MMR, but it has always been high in pro play.

The Strongest Character in Lol: What’s New with Nerfs:

The next patch, 14.4, will be very bad for K’Sante because it will take away more of his gear. Let’s look at the main changes:

Boost to base stats:

  • Base health went up: 570 >>> 610
  • Base mana went up from 290 to 320.

When N’tofo Strikes (Q):

  • Doesn’t slow down during All Out anymore

Maker of Paths (W):

  • Damage resist rates went up from 50% to 70%.
  • The minimum charge time for All Out went up from 0.5 seconds to 0.75 seconds.
  • During All Out, the cooldown is no longer cut to 18–12 seconds.

Stepping (E):

  • Dash speed went down from 1700 to 900
  • Ally dash speed slowed down: 1800 >>> 1500
  • All Out dash speed slowed down: 2100 >>> 1450

What It Means:

Taking away his Q’s slow effect during All Out and making W’s minimum charge time longer during All Out are both big hits. Since the cooldown for W won’t be lowered anymore, players will have to plan ahead. Mobility is also getting worse, as the dash speed on E has slowed down a lot. It’s about to get a lot harder to avoid enemy powers.

In conclusion:

Although the next patch will give K’Sante some improvements, the fact that he can’t move around as easily is a major threat to his ability to stay alive. Fans of League of Legends not sure if these changes will finally stop K’Sante. Stop it from the best AGENGACOR play or if he’ll be able to adjust again. We will have to wait and see. If these changes will the game-changer that makes the force fair.