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9 hours ago
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Wow! That's a landmark ... on PETA! http://www.peta.org.uk/blog/moodley-manor-an-irish-vegan-roast/

Moodley Manor: An Irish Vegan Roast for a Compassionate Christmas | PETA UK


New vegan products are taking the world by storm – and Ireland is no exception.

Moodley Manor via Facebook

Guess where the Moodleys are having dinner??? That's some amount of filling! Good job Aperitivo Dublin!!!!! 😆😆😆😉😉😉😘😘😆😆😁😁😗😗😆😆😆😆

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We are so VERY excited to be going to London in December for this epic Vegan Christmas Market 😄😀😅😆😄😁😆😀😅😄😆😀😘😉😙😅😅😀😃😂

Fat Gay Vegan

Vegan Christmas Market exclusive! Irish vegan meat company Moodley Manor set to trade with sausages, bacon, burgers and HUGE roasts. Get all your festive vegan meat needs. Plus you can buy online for home delivery! Details:…

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Sunday morning fry up with Moodley Manor sausages, VBites Foods Cheatin' bacon, and #vpud black pudding. And the pudding and bacon use sustainable palm oil! All picked up at Down To Earth Dublin :)

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A big thumbs up from the awesomest Little Vegan 😁😄😆😀😍😎😉😊😁😆☺🙄😃😄😅😁😆

I'm a little vegan

So last night was a first... Thanks to Moodley Manor and Mcguinness Take Away. Battered sausages, garlic cheese chips and a boss burger. Naughty but ohhhh so nice. Cork next please 😍😍😍😍. Happy Sunday everyone ❤️ Louise #govegan

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Getting so excited to start sending these out soon :D Moodleymanor.com/moodleymeats 😇🔔🕭🔔🕭🔔🔔🕭🔔🕭🔔🕭🔔🕭🔔🕭🕭🔔🕭🔔😇

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It's almost Friday night ... who's gonna be having some of this and this? Bonus points to anyone who can tell us how we came up with the name!!!

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Nov 25
Moodley Manor via Facebook

We love working with and supporting local Irish businesses especially when it comes to our packaging ... we love the new format - what do you think?

esmark finch ltd

Big Thank you to Gavin from Moodley Manor for some samples of his tasty vegan bacon and burgers in our tasty packaging!

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Nov 24
Moodley Manor via Facebook

Proper comfort food ;)

The Tiny Vegan Kitchen

It's hardly gourmet cuisine but tonight's dinner was DELISH!!! Dijon Mustard Mash with Homemade Smokin' Beans (both recipes on the blog) and Moodley Manor's Savage Sausages. I was all out of olive oil & vegan butter so I creamed the mash with Flax Oil from Adora Flax Seed…

Moodley Manor via Facebook

Are you in the UK? Gav and I are so delighted to be able to tell you that we have made all the preparations and worked really hard to be able to make all of our #MoodleyMeats such as Badass Bacon, Boss Burgers, 3AM Garlic Mayo and of course our huge 1kg Christmas Roast available to you guys across the water in UK mainland! We have our 'Buy any 4, Get a 5th free' offer on all the foods which are 100% Vegan just like us. Each and every food is made by hand with love and care and we…

Moodley Manor via Facebook

Looking for a last minute Thanksgiving meal? We're waiting on our new packaging for our Holiday Roast to arrive but if you don't need the outer sleeve, order today for delivery on Thursday! The 'Buy any 4, get 1 free' offer applies to this too :)

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Nov 20
Moodley Manor via Facebook

Thank you all so much for sharing our post last night. He was thankfully found! He got away from the burglars the clever boy and found some dog lovers who fed him and walked him around knowing/hoping we'd be out looking for him. It was the hardest few hours but the best feeling when we found him. Everything else is unimportant. Thank you so much for caring and sharing. As a result of this shock we needed to take a day or two off to recover and deal with taking care of Siri who is very…

Moodley Manor via Facebook

Look what's in Belfast right now!!!

Natures way

It's finally arrived.. new vegan garlic mayo by Moodley Manor.

Moodley Manor via Facebook

Updated: we found him!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing and he lingerie him be found. We appreciate each and every one of you so much! ******************************************* Please if anyone sees our 7 year old baby. We've just been broken in to this evening and he's gone. He is microchipped. We are devastated

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Get the latest on new products and restaurants serving vegans!


Got a Question?

When I was about 3 years of age, I asked my parents for a toy kitchen, the kind you usually think girls would have as kids. I got it. At three I was imitating my then chef father, dicing fake carrots and serving plastic chickens.

Years later, much to the embarrassment of my parents, I wanted an easy bake oven. I wanted the damn thing to cook with, because I was not allowed use the actual oven. The idea of being able to bake a cake was magic, I could literally pull any treat I wanted…

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Lurcher Love

I think I always instinctively  wanted to be vegetarian. I don’t remember it, but my family tell a story about me, aged four, becoming hysterical one Christmas when we visited my Grandparents farm in West Cork. They were due to kill one of their turkeys to have for dinner, but I was so inconsolable they had to drive miles on Christmas eve to find a pre-packaged turkey as a last minute stand in, which I happily ate as I hadn’t…

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Thank Heavens for Waffle Irons

My vegan story is slightly embarrassing actually, well the first part anyway.  The dreaded Y2K was coming and New Zealand television was rife with doomsday documentaries.  I was sitting on the couch watching one of said uplifting programs, when a segment came on about animals turning against human kind for all the things we had done to them. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, our humble television networks in the 90’s couldn’t afford…

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My Journey To A Better Me.

I grew up in a rural, meat eating family. I ate what I was given & never thought about where my "food" came from or the life it had before it ended up on my plate. I remained like that throughout my childhood & teens.

Then one evening, sixteen years ago, while flicking through t.v channels, I stumbled across a programme about slaughter houses. That was it for me. I cried myself to sleep & from theat moment on became vegetarian. There was no going back now, my mind had…

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Amy's tale

I thought it wise to give this a go as its gotten so cold.I was a vegetarian from my mid teens as my mom was all the time I grew up. My dad generally joined us but also ate meat.Then a couple of years ago I met my now ex-gf and she made such delicious vegan food I thought is finally give it a go. It was something I aspired to do one day.We joked that she had me at ethically-sourced tofu! Now I hope to get my current gf to fall in love with vegan food and the lifestyle as well as with me :D
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Growing up on a farm perched on nature's shoulder in the West of Ireland, it's safe to say while organic vegetables were in abundance, vegetarians were not. As a slightly eccentric child at 10 years of age, my main companions in life were my animals - my cat, my dog, my chickens, my cow, my lamb and my pony. (Before you ask, yes, yes I did have friends but they lived reeallly far away..or so it seemed to me as a child who was not permitted to drive a  car although I was trusted to drive a…

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It took me a bit longer than Joe

But I got there in the end.I heard about red meat vegetarianism from an older girl in school. I tried it for a while and then got lazy. All through my teens I gently weaned off it without really noticing and when I was 22 and meeting the potential inlaws for dinner they asked if I was vegetarian.Without hesitating, I responded yes. I was and since then I haven't slipped.
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I'm vegan and I'm cold

Hey Moodleys - Do I get one for being first to post?

EDITED *Moodleys say 'maybe'*

Here's my story. It's a simple one. I was in school, looking at my ham sandwich which I gobbled every day. I looked at it, saw a streak of fat in it which I didn't usually see in processed meat and noticed it was strange. I picked it out, brought it home in the tin foil and asked my mam what it was.

She explained the whole story of where meat come from and that was it, I was vegetarian at…

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We need more vegans!

We've got jobs for people who can get to Laois every day to help us make all our Moodley goodies and we have a position for someone with a great attitude and clean, full driving licence!

Give us a shout, tell us about yourself and attach your CV - we'd love to have you as part of the Moodley Family!


Moodley Manor Ltd is looking for new people to join our artisan food manufacturing…

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We are so delighted to welcome the lovely Oksana to our Moodley Manor team. Not only is she a whizz in Moodley HQ, she's also an avid cook and wonderful photographer! Here's the first of her many Badass Bacon recipes! Love Badass bacon, theres just so much you can do with it. Its awesome in a sandwich but also delicious with pasta. Why not try to make some tasty pasta with it. Here’s a little recipe for inspiration. Ingredients: 15ml olive oil Pack of Badass bacon 1,5 cup of farfalle (bow-tie…
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We're Hiring!

Are you excited about food? Passionate about veganism? Hard-working and love working in a small team?

Then we'd love to hear from you.

We are busy, busy, busy right now and we are growing every day! We need enthusiastic, hard-working, ethically-minded and responsible people to join us at the Moodley Manor team.

We are based in County Laois and work different hours each week, with loads of lifting, cooking, packing and occasionally going out and meeting customers in our…

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