Growing up on a farm perched on nature's shoulder in the West of Ireland, it's safe to say while organic vegetables were in abundance, vegetarians were not. As a slightly eccentric child at 10 years of age, my main companions in life were my animals - my cat, my dog, my chickens, my cow, my lamb and my pony. (Before you ask, yes, yes I did have friends but they lived reeallly far away..or so it seemed to me as a child who was not permitted to drive a  car although I was trusted to drive a Massey Ferguson 135...that's a tractor for those not in the know!!).

So parental logic aside, these animals were my main confidants, all of whom I adored equally. The value of their lives to me was equal and I couldn't grasp the logic that some lives were more valuable that others.  That some were for petting and some were for food. I regularly complained and questioned this flawed way of thinking. I was told "that's just the way it is" and that "they have good lives before they die". And yet..yet I remember being kept awake at night listening to the cows lowing all night long after their calves were taken away from them. I cried for their loss. When you're just a commodity, your suffering is not valid. 

And this brings us to cartoons. I genuinely remember feeling impassioned when I watched The Simpsons and heard Lisa, who was also ten years old, plead with those around her to stop eating animals. Although she was the target of many jokes and mocked for her convictions, that strange yellow pointy-head girl encouraged me to resist the pressure around me and act on the beliefs that caused my heart to soar.  That was it. I became a vegetarian at ten years of age. The journey to veganism took a little bit longer but that's a story for next time...

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  • Good story Carrie. Like the Lisa part :)
  • Thanks Amoli! :)
  • You know, I think Lisa S was responsible for installing many seeds.
    Love the story. Will look forward to hearing your development into veganism.
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