Thank Heavens for Waffle Irons

My vegan story is slightly embarrassing actually, well the first part anyway.  The dreaded Y2K was coming and New Zealand television was rife with doomsday documentaries.  I was sitting on the couch watching one of said uplifting programs, when a segment came on about animals turning against human kind for all the things we had done to them. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, our humble television networks in the 90’s couldn’t afford quality programming and the waffle iron and toaster were having a go as well.  A man was in his kitchen with fire and brimstone burning out the window while a cow and a toaster were trying to eat his leg.   Despite the addition of the kitchen appliances however, it really hit home how badly we do treat animals, and became my official Lisa Simpson moment. 

It was with that, that I went to take a shower, had a wee think (best place for it) and came out telling my Mum that I was not going to eat meat anymore. Indignant and certain it was a phase, I received no help from said mother and thus ate two minute noodles as a meat substitute for over a year. 

Not perturbed (but slightly lethargic!) I persisted along until one day I was in the library and found a book ‘Why Vegan’.  Now I’m from the middle of nowhere in rural New Zealand, so how this book happened to be there is beyond me.  But the carrot gods were smiling down that day, as I took it home, read it all and quite quickly came to the conclusion – right, vegan it is. 

Well, no… it wasn’t that easy – addicted to onion dip, arguably New Zealand’s national dish, it took a few tries to wean myself off – but I have been eating vegan, and eating well (no two minute noodles for me!) for fifteen years now and no amount of onion dip will change me back!

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  • Great!
  • That story really made me smile Claire :)
  • Great story. I wonder how many people Lisa Simpson encouraged to become veggie?
  • Lisa - you know what - as soon as Gav read this and stopped laughing he started thinking about a way to make it - Claire, if we're successful - you'll be the first to know!
  • @Joe - I was going for the 'little' definition, but that works too! @Lisa - Oh I've tried, believe you me, the key ingredient, Maggi Onion Soup Mix has milk in it - so it's best just to forget (she said with a wistful, faraway look...haha)
  • Sounds like no mistake that the book was there, right when you needed it.
    : )
    Bet whipping up a vegan onion dip wouldn't be that hard. Maybe the Manor folks will work on that!
  • Haha. When you said 'wee think' I understood you were pondering on the bog. That's my place for revelations and the odd epiphany.
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