My Journey To A Better Me.

I grew up in a rural, meat eating family. I ate what I was given & never thought about where my "food" came from or the life it had before it ended up on my plate. I remained like that throughout my childhood & teens.

Then one evening, sixteen years ago, while flicking through t.v channels, I stumbled across a programme about slaughter houses. That was it for me. I cried myself to sleep & from theat moment on became vegetarian. There was no going back now, my mind had been opened, or so I thought. I really assumed I was doing all I could now to help animals & no longer took apart in any cruelty. Sure, I drank milk  ate free range eggs but they were well taken care of animals, right?

All that changed last year when I adopted my little dog Isabelle from Dogs Trust. The love I felt for her & the way she loved & trusted me so completely & without question changed something inside of me. It's hard to explain it other than once again my mind was being opened. 

I started to research & find out exactly where my milk & eggs came from. I was horrified to find out exactly how the chickens lived their lives, how the cows suffered & were abused for my milk. How could I have been so blind for so long? So I became vegan. Overnight I knew I would never again eat, drink, wear or use any living being for my own personal use. It is the single best decision I believe I have ever made. I know its a long journey of learning & compassion but it's one I am fully committed to. 

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  • It's been a god send really - its great to know people who don't look at you sideways when you get super excited about a new vegan find in the supermarket! Dublin is the place to be for meeting vegans though - we went up one weekend as a group and met a lot of people from the Vegan Society there, they always seem to have lots of things going on. You might know all this but Edmund Long organises the Vegan Society in Dublin and they have loads of events on their page:

    Sarah Burnham organises The Dublin Vegetrarian Meetup, but many of their members are vegan and I think the majority of the restaurant meetups they have are at vegan friendly places Just in case you are interested :)
  • Hiya Claire. I grew up in Co. Mayo but I live in Dublin now. Fair play to you, its a great idea especially for people to get to know more like-minded people. :)
  • Where do you live Angie? When I moved to Galway there wasn't really a vegan scene so I started one! Took a while to build up but I now know more vegans than I thought possible! We use the site - it costs to run but I think it's worth it.
  • Ditto!
  • Thanks everyone. I don't know any other vegans in my everyday life so it's really, really nice to have that in common with you all. :) :)
  • fair play Angie :)
  • Love hearing a veggie to vegan story! Keep up the good work ;)
  • Congrats Angie!
  • The same thing happened to me too. Thanks Amoli.
  • I remember crying myself to sleep realizing I had accidentally eaten animal products once. Ill never forget it. Awesome story!
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