I'm vegan and I'm cold

Hey Moodleys - Do I get one for being first to post?

EDITED *Moodleys say 'maybe'*

Here's my story. It's a simple one. I was in school, looking at my ham sandwich which I gobbled every day. I looked at it, saw a streak of fat in it which I didn't usually see in processed meat and noticed it was strange. I picked it out, brought it home in the tin foil and asked my mam what it was.

She explained the whole story of where meat come from and that was it, I was vegetarian at age 6. I asked more and more questions and when I found out where dairy came from I went full vegan at 16.

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Hot Vegan Joe.
Exactly what it says on the tin.

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  • Indeed. Veggie at 6 is way before I copped on.
  • To have had such awareness at the age of six is pretty amazing!
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