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It’s tough being vegan. We would bet you’ve been hungry at at least one bbq, craved bacon on a Saturday morning, and eaten at least your weight in chips when out with friends.

As vegans ourselves, we know exactly how you feel, and that’s why we want to make sure every store in Ireland, or at least one within reach of you, carries our products. The goal is to make vegan easy, it's already awesome, now we are aiming at making it mainstream.

We’ve been developing our products for over a year now, making sure that they taste exactly as delicious as you guys deserve them to be.

Our first few months delivering direct to you have been a huge success and we are so thankful to our first brave, trusting customers and we're so glad it's been enjoyed by everyone!

By buying Moodley meats now, you have the chance to help fellow vegans bring awesome vegan food to the whole country, all while eating the best bacon sandwich you’ll ever have.

We deliver as soon as we can and notify all our awesome customers by email with delivery schedule the day before. If you can make sure you add in to your contacts list, this will help you receive your email straight away. 

Come join us, Help us start the Moodley meats revolution today!


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  • It was great to meet Gav and some of the Moodley gang at BD festival last week. I was delighted to see you would be there and was looking forward to a nice bit of food. I had a bacon cheeseburger and it was delicious! My friend had a doner wrap and she said it was fab. I think we chewed your ears off (it's a bit of a blur) but thank you for the lovely food and for being so friendly! Until next time :)

  • I'll keep it brief. I took the large roast to my parent's house for Christmas. There is only me and my daughter who are vegan in my family but my sister and her family are vegan and were there. Well we all loved the roast and it was so impressive as a centrepiece for the dinner table. My daughter keeps asking me to order another one for her and me to have for Sunday dinner but it's too large. I hope they make smaller ones soon. Definitely one of the best vegan products out there.
  • We just ordered our first Moodley Manor feast, so excited to try your range after all the great reviews we've heard on the Irish vegan communityonline site's.

    Viva la Vegan Revolution!!!

    check out our family blogs...

    Instagram NICOLEMCELROY80 and Facebook #kindheartconsciousplanet

    so excited to blog about these yummy Irish vegan bad boys and incorporate them in our favourite family dishes xx

  • I loved the vegan burgers sausages and bacon very tasty would highly recommend.
  • Cannot wait to try! Have just ordered now that delivery is to Northern Ireland too!!

  • Dudes burgers are excellent! just placed another order. keep up the hard work!

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What people say about Moodley Meats

"I tasted it, asked again and again cos I thought it had to be meat and they were tricking me. I need more bacon!" - Sarah P.

"The burger was so juicy. They're usually so dry. I'm impressed- Maire N.

"If I wasn't already vegetarian I think this would make it much easier- Johnny P.

"These are the best vegan burgers I've had. The bacon is just incredibe." - Amy L.

"I never thought I'd eat bacon again. I was okay with giving it up but now I'm practically giddy at the thought of having bacon sarnies again" - Joe

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To get the Buy4, Get1 free offer, just select the four you want and we'll put an extra in your delivery! If you've a preference for the freebie, just let us know in the comments box!


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  1. Orders available currently in Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland & the UK mainland.