We have them!!!

We now have our long awaited Moodley Vegan Mystery Treat boxes IN STOCK!!!

FILLED TO THE BRIM with toiletries, sweets, snacks, treats etc. ALL VEGAN!

The most ethical present to give and the perfect present to treat yourself for being so damn awesome!!

Guaranteed Ireland deliveries for all orders placed this week and until the 17th December!

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  • You got mail Moodleys!
  • Woohoo. Just got my box today. Everything rocks dudes! Love the face balm and I've only had the sweet sesame nuts and pralines so far but can't imagine liking anything else more. I have had to share the jellies with a little human already but should get one before they're gobbled up.
    Is there enough time to get a girly one for the gf? She's not veggie but she's really impressed with mine
  • That's great to hear Johnny. So glad you like your Moodley Mystery Box! There's only a few boxes left so I'd order soon :)
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