The Moodleys' Egalitarian Engagement

I’m sitting down to write this news, watching Gav lift an insect off our desk and safely guiding it out the window. It’s moments like this that make me absolutely certain that I have met my equal.

Last Tuesday was my birthday and I had a wonderful day, being interviewed for a veggie publication, watching Gav bringing Moodley to the finals of an entrepreneurship competition and hanging out with my folks. It was ideal.

At the latter end of the evening, we wandered as we often do into the Maynooth hub of activity but found it oddly quiet. The only bar with a lively buzz was Brady’s and we heard music as we passed its doors. We wandered in to a buzzing atmosphere, live jazz music from the local college and sat down for a quiet pint or two. Then a song happened. It was a simple thing, one song, one beautiful hum that lingered for what felt like hours and yet lasted seconds. A local student and an astonishing vocalist entranced us with her rendition of Melody Gardot’s ‘Who will comfort me’ and we knew we had to have her sing at our wedding.

Wait, what? Wedding? Yup. We both decided with that one moment of beauty, as we had independently decided to be vegan with a moment of clarity, that we wanted to commit to each other. We want to help each other grow further into the people we aspire to be. And so, we knelt before each other, asked each other if we wanted to get hitched and we both said yes.

Egalitarianism is the foundation of our relationship. Our ideals and values marry almost imperceptibly. We have found in each other the space to be exactly who we are, uninhibited, unedited and completely free. We are best friends, business partners and now we are each other’s fiancée.

The concept of a vegan wedding excites us. We have a 100% vegan event to plan and we hope you will help us in finding the wonderful vendors and suppliers who will make our dream come true. We also have a very specific goal. As with most of this country, our loved ones aren't vegan and we need to impress all for a probably very long day.

Come tell us you favourite vegan dishes, suppliers, bakers, wineries and help us try to turn 200 people vegan in one go!

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  • Sova food vegan butcher caters I'm fairly certain! I'd absolutely want to do the same thing if I got married and while eating there I though, yes guys, you're catering for my so far imaginary wedding! <3
  • Doreen, we're big fans of Sova - there last week, going again this week haha!

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